3 September 2019


With ‘snapchat’ filter.

Thanks for ordering!

10 September 2017

Family of three

Hope they like these. :) 

19 July 2017

Anime + Manga Inspired

Yet again with my small art piece.
Recently I've landed on a new temp job at one of the most recognised companies in my country.

Had some spare time during lunch and my colleague decided to let me draw her whole family in animanga (anime+manga) version.

Alhamdulillah they loved it.


20 March 2017

Creative Characters

Inspired by caricature drawings, I decided to transform real life portraits into a creative character or what you simply call, cartoon form. 

Above drawing depicts my younger sibling
who loves music and keeping up in trends. 

And this my friend, is someone very good looking. Thank you for ordering! Haha. 

You can order yours too, you can find me on instagram and dm me in case you're wondering. 

Do not fret guys, I am still trying my best to draw despite my busy schedule. 

Take care for now folks!

22 January 2017

السعادة - Happiness

After so long...
It's good to see my art blog alive again.

If it's not an A* artwork, at least I created another artpiece that can be added to my collection.

Anyways. I'm craving for this word right now this instant. I'm so tired of working within and beyond the hours.

I don't get to go anywhere, it's just the whole day at the office. The routine goes like this since day 1. Going to work, lunch, work and go home. And it's the same everyday. plain white walls with sales posters which is not of my interest.

I don't get to design during my spare time as I barely have any :(

But thank you for viewing this.
I appreciate it alot.

Have a good night everyone.

1 September 2016

Reyza Hamizan

Reyza, or Riza(his actual name) is an inspiration for me. His first song, 'pelita dunia' gave me goosebumps when I watched him performed at an Islamic Youth event.

This song that he wrote describes the love of a mother, a daughter, a wife but overall, it describes the love of women.

How sweet. I mean, who writes this kind of songs nowadays? I used to admire M.Nasir for his artistic music and such. I still do(for his old songs). Hehe.

Just pray that one day Reyza will make it big but also still remain humble whatever his reputation may be.

He came to my house yesterday to pass my mum the copies of the album. My mum told me that he's very friendly and a down to earth person. After they are done with the chit chat, she passed him this sketch that I drew for him.

Hope he likes it. Haha. Who knows he'll post it online or anything of that sort. ^_^

23 August 2016


After sharing this piece with my family, I JUST REALISED SOMETHING.
Did you spot two faces with two different facial expressions?

I was stunned after my cousin commented that it looked like wayang kulit at first glance.
Does this mean that I still have that javanese blood running inside me?

OR, could it be that these two emotions are always playing in my heart?

*Raise left eyebrow*

Or is it just a piece of drawing. Hah, you decide. Afterall, the name of this piece is untitled.

Hey. I'm still an amateur, drawing just to fill my boredom.
This was one of the times that I managed to make a full a4 sized drawing.

I don't know when will I have the time again, but in shaa Allah, soon.